About Us

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is dedicated to the health and wellness of its local community and the state of Oregon. Through premiere fitness equipment sales and service Fitness Equipment of Eugene hopes to make a positive impact in all the lives it touches. As a reputable small business in the region it seeks to provide honest and premium solutions to those who are seeking health, wellness, fitness or exercise equipment. More importantly Fitness Equipment of Eugene brings premium exercise equipment to the region at affordable prices. Quality products don’t have to break your bank account and the staff is always looking for ways to save you money. You DESERVE the best sales and service which is why Fitness Equipment of Eugene will ensure you get the equipment you DESERVE.

Our Mission

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is a leading supplier and provider of fitness equipment sales and service throughout the state of Oregon. Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley our staff boasts over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry. This experience leads Fitness Equipment of Eugene to be the source for exercise equipment for both commercial and residential customers.

With a showroom located in Eugene, Oregon Fitness Equipment of Eugene encourages those of all fitness levels and those with varying health goals to come and experience the next piece of fitness equipment they deserve. The showroom inventory includes everything from treadmills to ellipticals to rowing machines, functional trainers, free weights and much more! The staff at Fitness Equipment of Eugene will intently listen to your needs and goals and walk you through a wide range of exercise equipment options tailored to your specific circumstance.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is also proud to be a small, locally-owned business dedicated to the health, wellness and fitness of its surrounding community. Owner Paul Glaze has employed an expert staff who embody his vision for serving your needs above all else. Whether you are a commercial business or home gym customer you can feel rest assured that the staff at Fitness Equipment of Eugene will give you the time, respect and dedication you and your health deserve.

Our Staff

Paul Glaze Fitness Equipment of Eugene

Paul Glaze – Owner

Paul Glaze is the owner and primary decision-maker at Fitness Equipment of Eugene. He boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry and continues to serve multiple roles at the business. From his start as a delivery assistant to his role as fitness equipment technician and then lead technician and now owner Paul has been dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive fitness equipment sales and service experience in Oregon.


Once Paul had the opportunity to purchase the business he did so without hesitation as he has always been dedicated to the fitness industry and would like to see his vision for Fitness Equipment of Eugene carried through for many years to come. Even as owner Paul remains the lead technician and serviceman at Fitness Equipment of Eugene and enjoys traveling throughout Oregon to deliver equipment, repair equipment and make an impact on the health and fitness outcomes of thousands of individuals.


Outside of work Paul keeps himself busy as he is a go-go-go kind of guy and loves the process of creating a lasting legacy. He is extremely dedicated to his family and does all he can to provide for the betterment of their futures.

Chris Anderson Fitness Equipment of Eugene

Chris Anderson – Business Development

Chris Anderson is proud to be a member of the Fitness Equipment of Eugene team and thrilled to provide Oregon with exercise equipment that will help better the health, fitness and wellness of its residents. Chris has always been passionate about health and fitness and, as such, dedicates much of his time to learning all he can about the industry. He is well-versed in the many pieces of gym equipment Fitness Equipment of Eugene has to offer and is currently looking to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the hopes of providing all with the most in-depth and personalized experience possible. Chris will use this certification to benefit the community with increased knowledge and understanding of fitness, physiology, nutrition and the pursuit of fitness through safe and effective methods.


Chris’ primary role is of business development but at a small business such as Fitness Equipment of Eugene he is happy to extend his skills and education past his direct sales and marketing primary objectives. He is dedicated to doing everything he can to uphold Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s stellar reputation throughout Oregon and appreciates as much feedback as possible in order to grow himself and the business.


Chris received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon and will always remain an avid fan of the Oregon Ducks and can often be found at numerous sporting events. He was born-and-raised in the Pacific Northwest and considers himself beyond lucky to be married to the woman of his dreams. Outside of the office Chris particularly enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle that allows him to relax and appreciate how lucky he is to be living in Eugene.