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Your facility deserves the best. So do its users.

You’re in the business of getting business. We’re here to make sure you do so with premiere fitness equipment that will make a distinct impression and durably perform at a cost effective to your needs. This means we listen to any and all requests and work with you to provide the solutions your business and its clients deserve. Anything less would be a disservice to how hard you’ve worked to build your brand and fitness center.


And when it comes to serving commercial facilities we are happy to service all industries. From commercial gyms to physical therapy offices and corporate wellness Fitness Equipment of Eugene has the solutions for you. We look forward to fulfilling your requests.

  • Health Clubs

    From small to large, specialty to full-service we are proud to provide sales and service to health clubs in our area.

  • Schools & Universities

    We have fitness solutions for schools of all sizes and students of all ages. Give us a call today.

  • Corporate Wellness

    An active office is a healthy office. Need a treadmill desk or have an independent workout facility? We've got you covered.

  • Fire, Police & Government

    We are proud to serve those who serve us. We make sure you're ready for any line of duty.

  • Developers & Builders

    Apartment complexes, hotels, and commercial developments all benefit from our product and service offerings.

  • Specialty Fitness

    From assisted living facilities to physical therapy offices we cater to all fitness needs and have the equipment to enhance your service.

Commercial Brands

To be known for the best you have to utilize the best. That’s why we’re committed to providing your facility with the best fitness equipment from the top brands in the nation. We work alongside your needs to equip your operation with equipment that suits you while doing so at highly competitive rates. No matter your style, industry or budget we have the exercise solution for you. 














Commercial Sales

Fitness Equipment of Eugene wants to help you service your clients with the fitness equipment they need to achieve the lifestyle they desire. This is why we are proud to be an authorized dealer for a selection of premiere fitness companies. In coordination with these companies we work towards providing your facilities with the premiere equipment they deserve. Our knowledge and experience with the equipment will allow us to consult with you in regards to what equipment you desire. From treadmills to ellipticals to multi-station gyms, functional trainers, dumbbells, kettlebells and other fitness accessories, Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s sales staff will do everything we can to get you the fitness equipment you are searching for.

Commercial Services

In addition to providing the equipment necessary to retain your customers, our staff has unparalleled experience servicing commercial fitness equipment. Whether it’s a simple cleaning and tune-up of your machines to a full-scale service and repair, our quality service team will ensure your equipment is in its best operational state.

Premiere Equipment

Aside from listening to your specific needs we provide the best equipment that will withstand the test of time and rigorous use. We spend countless hours researching, talking about and experiencing the equipment we sell so we can provide you with firsthand knowledge of what you will be purchasing. Our suppliers are the best in the business because we want to offer you the best exercise equipment possible.

Best Prices

Premiere fitness equipment is a long-term investment and we recognize the importance of keeping costs low at facilities of all shapes and sizes. Everybody’s budget differs and thus will their ability to purchase premiere fitness equipment. As a business who respects commercial entities of all sizes we recognize the importance of providing low-cost solutions to premiere fitness equipment needs. We will work diligently with you to get you the best equipment possible at a price you can afford. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is hungry for your business and our prices reflect such.

Your Needs, Met

No fitness facility is one in the same. Each fitness room or center pays tribute to an exercise philosophy and mentality that helps create an identity that draws members, employees and customers back for more. As each and every facility is different we at Fitness Equipment of Eugene pay close attention to your desires and vision and help you build towards that with the proper cardio and strength equipment to meet your needs. From general cardio and weight facilities to high intensity crossfit studios, rehabilitation centers and beyond, we’ve got what it takes to drive your business forward.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance for exercise equipment is second-to-none. We will thoroughly clean the machines in your facility in-and-out to reduce the risk of malfunction in the future. This includes an in-depth process that gets into the nitty-and-gritty portions of the gym equipment that may otherwise be neglected. We don’t fix you into any long-term contract but rather suggest a maintenance schedule you are able as needed. Whether your facility needs a quarterly, semi-annually, or annual preventative maintenance Fitness Equipment of Eugene is proud to be your solution.

Inspection, Diagnosis & Repair

The service team at Fitness Equipment of Eugene is the best at inspecting, diagnosing and repairing gym equipment in timely and efficient matters so your equipment can get back into proper working use. This means your equipment experiences shorter down time thus leading to more satisfied customers and investments.

Facility Planning & Design

One of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of incorporating fitness equipment into any facility is how that equipment will be laid out. In that regard Fitness Equipment of Eugene is thrilled to offer its design and planning services to customers of all shapes and sizes. From figuring out whether equipment will fit in a given area to planning out the best “flow” for an efficient space with multiple pieces of equipment we will update you with layouts and ensure all of your facility needs are met.