You’re in the business of getting business. We’re here to make sure you do so with premiere fitness equipment. Make a distinct impression with performance, durability and options. We listen to all requests and provide personalized solutions based on your facility’s goals and needs.

Whether you’re a commercial gym, physical therapy office, multi-family housing complex, hotel or corporate office, Fitness Equipment of Eugene has the premiere fitness solutions for you.

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Commercial Fitness Sales

The best equipment that withstands the test of time. And rigorous use. We immerse ourselves in the fitness industry researching, consulting and experiencing the equipment we sell so we can provide an ideal experience to you. Our equipment is suited for commercial facilities that have monthly dues and those that are non-dues paying.

Premiere fitness equipment is a long-term investment. We recognize the importance of keeping your costs low. More than that we understand that businesses have different budgets. That’s why we provide low-cost fitness solutions for all needs. We work with you to get you the equipment you deserve at a price you can afford.

No fitness facility is the same. Each pays tribute to an exercise philosophy & mentality that help create an identity that draws members, employees and customers back for more. That’s why we pay close attention to your desires and fitness vision. We build towards that goal with proper cardio and strength equipment. 

Commercial Fitness Services

Our preventative maintenance is thorough and cannot be beat. We thoroughly clean the machines to reduce the risk of malfunction and minimize downtime. This process gets into the nitty-and-gritty portions of the equipment otherwise neglected. 


Our pricing structure is such that you are not locked into a long-term contract. We recommend a PM schedule that pays attention to your equipment and budget needs. Whether you need quarterly, semi-annual or annual preventative maintenance, Fitness Equipment of Eugene is proud to be your solution

The service team at Fitness Equipment of Eugene is the best at inspecting, diagnosing and repairing gym equipment in timely and efficient matters so your equipment can get back into proper working use. This means your equipment experiences shorter down time thus leading to more satisfied customers and investments.

One of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of incorporating fitness equipment into any facility is how that equipment will be laid out. In that regard Fitness Equipment of Eugene is thrilled to offer its design and planning services to customers of all shapes and sizes. From figuring out whether equipment will fit in a given area to planning out the best “flow” for an efficient space with multiple pieces of equipment we will update you with layouts and ensure all of your facility needs are met.

Markets we serve

Health Clubs

From small to large, specialty to full-service, we are proud to provide fitness equipment sales and service to health clubs throughout Oregon.

Schools & Universities

We have fitness equipment solutions for schools of all sizes and students of all ages. Give us a call today!

Corporate Wellness

An active office is a healthy office. Need a treadmill desk or have an independent workout facility? We've got you covered.

True Fitness Alpine Runner

Fire, Police & Government

We are proud to serve those who serve us. We make sure you're ready for any line of duty.

Developers, Builders & Multi-Family Housing

Apartment complexes, hotels and commercial developments all benefit from our fitness equipment sales and services.

SciFit StepOne Recumbent Stepper

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy practices, rehabilitation settings & assisted living facilities require specialized, effective fitness equipment. We cater to all fitness needs and have the equipment to enhance your business.

Hoist Fitness Group Machines

Commercial Brands

To be known for the best you have to utilize the best. That’s why we’re committed to providing your facility with the best fitness equipment from the top brands in the nation. We work alongside your needs to equip your commercial facility with fitness equipment it deserves.

The fitness equipment sales and service we provide are premiere and our rates are highly competitive. No matter your style, industry or budget we have the fitness solution for you. 

Explore Our Commercial Brands