Fitness Equipment of Eugene is a provider or premium fitness equipment sales. This includes used fitness equipment, when available. The used equipment we make available to the public have been carefully inspected, refurbished and serviced. This is to provide optimal performance to the next user.

The floor models and used fitness equipment we offer for sale is procured from multiple sources. Commercial facilities and individual homeowners are the most common. No matter the source we first assess the quality of these used pieces and determine whether or not they are appropriate for resale. This ensures added safety and performance of each machine we make available.

Please note that used fitness equipment does not carry any warranty nor complete guarantee of performance. We do all we can to maximize the performance and safety of the machines but cannot guarantee them. 

And while we don’t always have used fitness equipment available, calling our showroom or visiting this site is a great way to see what we currently have available. 


Fitness Equipment of Eugene is a provider of exercise equipment yet will occasionally purchase used fitness equipment. Most of the used equipment we purchase will be from commercial facilities, though there are times we do purchase from individual homeowners. Prior to purchase we will inspect the equipment and make sure it is in reasonable form for resale. 

If you have exercise equipment you are looking to sell, please give us a call. It helps to have the make, model number and age of the machine handy to expedite the process. Even if we don’t end up purchasing your used equipment we are happy to provide the best advice possible for you moving forward.