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Home gym equipment should be as safe, durable and high-performing as exercise equipment in facilities. Your health and fitness are worth it. 

Fitness Equipment of Eugene provides you the same brands you’ll find at your local gym, just engineered for residential use. We meet you at the intersection of performance and affordability.

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Your needs met.

You’ve got needs, goals and desires. These include health and fitness. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is dedicated to providing the fitness and exercise equipment you deserve by offering home gym equipment that matches the performance of the machines you’ll find in the gym. 

Our cardio and strength equipment rely on performance and quality, doing so throughout a wide range of fitness applications.

Home Gym Services

Keeping you fit.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s service staff has provided Oregon with premiere home exercise equipment services since 1999. 

Do you have a piece of exercise equipment that needs service? Has it been awhile since your home gym was given a proper cleaning? Is a machine giving you an error code or not performing as it should? No matter where you purchased your home gym equipment, we will inspect, service, diagnose and order the necessary parts to get your machine in proper working condition.

Our goal? Minimize equipment down time so you can get back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene offers the following exercise equipment services to the public:


The fitness brands we carry put their money where it matters: in the performance of your machine.

Experience refined craftsmanship, attention-to-detail and years of user-focused performance. You’ll feel the difference, not just dream about it.

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