Specialty Markets Served


Commercial Gyms

Fitness Equipment of Eugene has offered its fitness equipment sales and services to commercial gyms and fitness centers throughout its 20-plus year lifespan. By listening to the needs of each individual facility we create the premiere experience for the staff and members, creating a safe, durable and attractive exercise facility. We offer a range of services to commercial gyms. These include exercise equipment consultation, gym design, preventative maintenance, equipment inspection and diagnosis, equipment service and more. We are hungry to earn your business and will do everything in our power to bring you the equipment you deserve at the lowest price possible.

Medical & Physical Therapy Offices

Safe, effective and expertly designed equipment is critical to the process of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Fitness Equipment of Eugene offers the best rehabilitation exercise equipment in Oregon and works diligently to expand our offerings in order to best suit your physical therapy needs. Whether you are an individual recovering from an injury and need a low impact device or a physical therapy office looking to expand its specialty fitness equipment offerings, we are here to help you along your rehab process. From rehabilitation treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals to comfortable recumbent bikes, controlled functional trainers and stretch bands we’ve got all your needs covered.

Corporate Offices

It is no longer a secret that a sedentary lifestyle is extremely detrimental to overall health. While there are many factors that contribute to a sedentary way of life there is perhaps no place we spend time sitting than at work. This of course depends on your particular profession but office and desk jobs are notorious for long periods of inactivity and sitting. As public health concerns grow and are addressed one way to combat our sedentary lifestyles is through the incorporation of office fitness equipment. These include standing desks, treadmill desks, bike desks, and office fitness centers. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is proud to supply your business with all of the exercise equipment solutions it offers. Whether you offer your own employee wellness center with workout and exercise equipment or would like to incorporate standing desks, stretching stations or treadmill desks into your office, we’ve got the fit for you.

Government Buildings & Offices

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is thrilled to support all those who provide support to and impact our local communities. From fire stations to police stations to forest service stations and general government operations we are happy to work with you to equip your needs as appropriate. We have industry-specific fitness and exercise equipment that helps workers perform in their respective line of duty better while preparing for the tasks ahead. These include step mills such as those from Stairmaster for firefighters, functional training equipment and HIIT workout machines for police stations and Alpine Trainers with intense incline ability for forest workers. No matter your needs we are here to help those who help our community. This is also why our government discounts and pricing are second to none. We will not be beat and extend our thanks through professional services and discounted rates.

Crossfit Studios

The benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) are becoming apparent. From muscle growth to cardio stimulation and improved performance there are many ways that exerting oneself at intense levels for brief periods of time can benefit both the mind and body. There may be no better place to pursue this type of exercise than in a group setting that Crossfit Studios offer. With a sense of camaraderie and community built-in to every box these studios offer an experience like no other. To better equip them and the local community Fitness Equipment of Eugene is proud to offer a variety of HIIT specific exercise equipment and crossfit equipment. From HIIT cardio machines such as the Octane Fitness MTX Max Trainer to racks, free weights, kettlebells and more, we’ve got what it takes to get your blood pumping!

Specialty Fitness Centers

Specialty fitness centers tailor fitness experiences to specific groups or methods of training. Think spinning studios, yoga studios, barre3 studios and more. These highly-specialized and unique methods of training provide for a group training experience that motivates users and creates lasting draw. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is happy to offer its sales and services to all of these studios and fitness centers. Whether you’re a small yoga operation or looking to build your own spinning studio we have the exercise and fitness equipment to help you meet the needs of your customers! Spin bikes, pilates equipment, stretch trainers and rowing machines are just a selection of our many offerings!