Specialty Markets Served

Fitness Equipment of Eugene serves all fitness markets and needs. This encompasses both residential and commercial settings. From general fitness equipment sales to fitness equipment services, our staff is dedicated to providing the optimal fitness experience in the Willamette Valley and Oregon. 

To provide the fitness equipment sales and service you deserve we pay close attention to your individual needs. That’s why we are proud to emphasize serving a set of specialty fitness markets. These include standard Commercial Gyms & Fitness Facilities, Medical Offices, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Offices, Corporate Offices, Government Facilities, Multi-Family Housing and Specialty Fitness Centers. 

Commercial Gyms & Fitness Centers

Fitness Equipment of Eugene has offered its fitness equipment sales and services to commercial gyms and fitness centers over its 20-plus years in operation. We help create a premiere experience for your staff and members through a safe, durable and attractive fitness facility. This is done by offering a range of sales and service to commercial gyms.

Gym Floor

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Offices

Safe, effective and expertly-designed equipment is critical to the process of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Fitness Equipment of Eugene offers the best physical therapy & rehabilitation fitness equipment in Oregon. We consult with our customers and vendors to expand and enhance our proven offerings in order to best suit your physical therapy needs.

Whether you are an individual recovering from injury or a physical therapy office looking to expand its fitness equipment offerings, we’re here to help you along your rehabilitation process.

Brands we carry that are committed to low impact, rehabilitation equipment include SciFit, Landice Fitness, Power Plate & Vibe Plate. Specialty fitness equipment includes:

SciFit StepOne Recumbent Stepper
The SciFit Recumbent Stepper is one of the most popular options in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings

Government Facilities

Fitness Equipment of Eugene supports those who provide support to our local communities. Fire Stations, Police Stations, Forest Service Stations, Public Facilities and General Government Facilities all benefit from our fitness equipment sales and services.

Much of this is because we offer industry-specific fitness equipment that helps government employees stay fit in their respective line of duty. These pieces include Stairmaster Step Mills and True Fitness Alpine Trainers for firefighters and functional training equipment & HIIT machines for police stations. 

No matter your needs we are here to help those who help our community. This is also why our government discounts and pricing are second-to-none. 

True Fitness Alpine Runner
The True Fitness Alpine Runner is a favorite of government offices throughout the nation.

Corporate Offices & Corporate Wellness

A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to overall health. And while there are many factors that contribute to this lifestyle, there is perhaps no place we spend more time sitting than at work. Office and desk jobs are notorious for long periods of inactivity and sitting

As public health concerns grow one way to combat our sedentary lifestyle is through the inclusion of office fitness equipment in the workplace. This equipment includes:

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is proud to supply your business with the corporate wellness solutions it deserves. Whether you offer your own employee wellness center or would like to incorporate active office equipment into your business, we’ve got the fit for you.

An active workplace is a productive and happy workplace. Incorporating corporate wellness solutions boosts employee satisfaction, performance and health.

Specialty Fitness Studios

Specialty fitness centers and studios tailor fitness experiences to specific groups of methods of training. Think crossfit studios, spinning studios, yoga studios, barre3 studios and more. These highly-specialized and unique methods of training provide a group training experience that motivates users and creates lasting draw.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene offers fitness equipment sales and services to specialty fitness studios with the specialized equipment they require. Whether you’re a small yoga studio or looking to build a crossfit facility, we have the equipment to help you meet the needs and demands of your customers.

Equipment includes: