Unless specified, the price of any products or services does not include any federal, state or local taxes, assessments or duties. Any applicable sales, use or additional taxes and charges imposed by outside institutions shall be additional charges responsible to be paid for by the Purchaser. If the Purchaser is exempt from such charges, the Purchaser must provide Fitness Equipment of Eugene a Certificate of Exemption prior to sale or service.


Unless specified, the terms of payment are as indicated on this website (immediate when placing an order online), on a quote or other sales documents. Fitness Equipment of Eugene reserves the right to require full or partial payment before any sale or service is performed. If other payment arrangements are made due to the Purchaser’s inability to complete a full payment at the time, Fitness Equipment of Eugene can provide a sale or service so long as an agreement has been made. 

Fitness Equipment of Eugene reserves the right to withhold sales, service and any necessary parts if they are not paid per the terms of agreement. 

Purchaser agrees to pay any costs of collections incurred, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and court costs.


Customer delivery is executed F.O.B. Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s facility. All titles and risks of loss are passed from Fitness Equipment of Eugene to the Customer upon delivery of the equipment to a third party carrier or to the Customer. In both cases the origin is from Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s facility. 

Unless prior agreement has been made, delivery and installation of equipment is to be made by Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s service, delivery and installation staff. For deliveries where Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s staff needs assistance in completing a delivery, a delivery firm or transportation service chosen by Fitness Equipment of Eugene may be chosen.

Once Customer orders have arrived at Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s facility, the customer agrees to accept delivery when they are first able to schedule said delivery with a Fitness Equipment of Eugene representative. 

When an order is placed Fitness Equipment of Eugene will make its best effort to provide sales or service in a timely manner in accordance with Customer desires. If, however, a product or service is unavailable due to stock issues there may be a delay in service. If such a delay occurs, Fitness Equipment of Eugene will communicate with the Customer the delay and make arrangements as necessary. 

While Fitness Equipment of Eugene works to ensure all customers are satisfied with their products, we understand that sometimes products do not meet initial expectations. However, unless otherwise agreed upon, there are no returns on equipment. 

Fitness Equipment of Eugene is also not responsible for damage, loss or expenses incurred due to delivery or damage by a third party carrier or operator. 

Customer orders are final upon order agreement unless otherwise specified per an agreement.

Customer also agrees that any service performed by Fitness Equipment of Eugene is to be paid at the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. Furthermore, all parts needed to complete repair are to be paid for by the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon or covered by equipment manufacturer warranty. 


There are no returns on equipment sales so long as the equipment arrives at the Customer’s destination without damage. If equipment does arrive at a Customer destination damaged, the damage must be reported by the Customer to Fitness Equipment of Eugene within 5 business days in order to be eligible for a replacement or refund. 

No returns will be accepted without authorization from a Fitness Equipment of Eugene representative. If equipment is agreed to be returned, the Customer agrees that there may be a re-stocking or return fee assessed by Fitness Equipment of Eugene. In such cases the re-stocking/return fee will be clearly communicated prior to agreement of return.


For customer orders paid by invoice, invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise agreed upon. Customer shall promptly pay Fitness Equipment of Eugene for all sales and service and any additional fees related to the provision of sales or service by Fitness Equipment of Eugene


The Customer recognizes that they and any user of the equipment purchased or serviced are the only ones responsible for the proper use of the equipment. Not using the equipment properly can result in significant injury. If personal injury does occur, Fitness Equipment of Eugene is not to be held responsible for any such injuries or damages due to improper use of equipment. 


Fitness Equipment of Eugene does not provide any warranties for equipment sold or serviced. All warranties are to be maintained by the original equipment vendor/manufacturer. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is also not responsible for warranty registration. Warranty registration is to be made through the original equipment manufacturer.


No modifications are to be made to these Terms and Conditions unless in the form of writing and signed by Fitness Equipment of Eugene. These terms and conditions are a complete agreement and understanding between Fitness Equipment of Eugene and the Customer. Should any Terms and Conditions be unenforceable or against the law, payment must be made in full to the extent that is legally acceptable.