Fitness Equipment of Eugene is a provider or premium fitness equipment sales and service. As such it may surprise some to learn that Fitness Equipment of Eugene provides outstanding used fitness equipment for purchase, when available. These exercise machines have been carefully inspected, refurbished and serviced so they will provide optimal performance to their next user. The used equipment we offer comes from a variety of sources. From commercial gyms and businesses who replace their equipment with new pieces to former customers replacing their current pieces of equipment we first assess the quality of these used pieces and determine whether or not to offer them for resale. This ensures added safety and performance of each used machine we make available.


It is important to note that while our staff does everything to ensure the performance and safety of all the used pieces of equipment we make available, they do not carry any warranty or guaranteed assurance of performance.


The best way to see whether or not we have any used equipment available? Give us a call or visit our showroom!




Fitness Equipment of Eugene is a provider of exercise equipment yet will also purchase used fitness equipment if the equipment passes inspection by a service technician at Fitness Equipment of Eugene. If you have a machine you are looking to sell please give us a call, describe your machine and we will be happy to help you along the process of selling it! Even if we don’t end up purchasing your used machine we will give you the best advice possible to get you the best return on your product.